RX at Primary Stages

“And dessert is served in the form of not one but two hilarious cartoon cameos by Paul Niebanck, first as an overeager marketing expert with bipolar tendencies and later as a mentally short-circuited researcher too fixated on emulating Einstein to tell his sedatives from his heartbeat accelerants.” - The Village Voice



MAPLE AND VINE at The Humana Festival, Actors Theatre of Louisville

“Ms. Kauffman’s crisp production features persuasive performances from all the actors, including Paul Niebanck and Jeanine Serralles as the picture-perfect 1950s couple whose lives are founded on — perhaps enriched by? — repression and secrets, and Jesse Pennington as this quasi-Eden’s equivalent of a subversive snake.” - The New York Times



IN THE NEXT ROOM (or the vibrator play) at Berkeley Repertory Theatre

Mr. Niebanck’s abstracted expression as he briskly goes about his work is hilarious.” - The New York Times



RHINOCEROS at Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey

Mr. Niebanck's nuanced performance, at once despairing, desperately holding on, summoning strength, is a visualization of the no-win human condition.” - The New York Times


GREAT EXPECTATIONS at the Lucille Lortel Theater

“While a number of the actors played multiple parts, most excelled at only one of them: Paul Niebanck, as Pip’s brother-in-law, Joe the blacksmith, was convincing in his humble honesty.” - The New York Times




THE CRUCIBLE at Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey

Paul Niebanck's torment as Proctor is so palpable in the final scene, everyone in the theater surely has access to his impossible grief. After the final moment of contact between Mr. Niebanck and Ms. Reeve, somehow, there is hope. If anyone does not believe that possibility, and exits dry-eyed or untouched, please, I don't want to know.” - The New York Times


OTHELLO at Chicago Shakespeare Theater

"He is softer spoken than one might expect, but every bit as forked of tongue as the slickest, prettiest Iago you can imagine.  No one has a chance." - BroadwayWorld


THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, DARKLY at Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey

“In Mr. Crowe's staging, Alice is raped in a fantasy sequence intended to allow the guilt- and anxiety-ridden Dodgson, in an excellent, sensitive performance by Paul Niebanck, freedom of thought, however forbidden.” - The New York Times


OF MICE AND MEN at Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey

“Described by the author as standing and moving ''with a kind of majesty,'' Mr. Niebanck's Slim lends a sobering sense of authority to the raucous bunkhouse.” - The New York Times